Founders’ Award Recipients

The Order of the Arrow introduced the Founders’ Award at the 1981 National Order of the Arrow Conference. The award is given to an Arrowman who shows exceptional and selfless service to the ideals of our Order. The Lodge Founders’ Award Nominating Committee may present petitions annually to the National Order of the Arrow. Illinek Lodge is allowed a maximum of two awards each year. If the Lodge chooses to present more than one award, one must be given to a member under 21 years of age. If you would like to nominate someone for the Founders’ Award, please fill out the nomination form and send it to

Listed below are members of our Lodge who have been awarded this honor.

1981 – Chris Altoff
1982 – Bill Ettinger
1990 – Kevin Dolbeare and Larry Stowers
1991 – Brian Hosking and Mark Hagele
1992 Mike Hosking and Mike Berry
1993 – Bryan Schroeder and Ray Bledsoe, Jr
1994 – Karl Drone and John Kirchgesner
1995 Josh Schroeder and Curt Langenfeld
1996 – Dave Cocagne and Jim Thompson
1997 Scott McClure and Linda Parrish
1998 – Scott Kording and Jerry Bauman
1999 – Doug Bradbury and Ben Story
2000 – Steve Arisman and David Dilley
2001 – Justin Panther and Mark Hopwood
2002 – Jody Koplo and Chuck Parrish
2003 – Billy Rosenberry and Matt Kerns
2004 – Mike Brown and Matt Averbeck
2005 – Robert Schmidt and Bill Roseberry
2006 – Alex Usherwood and Lloyd Day
2008 – Paul Schmidt and Stephen White
2009 – Bob Schmidt
2010 – Richard Gutmann
2011 – Warren Smith Sr.
2012 – Colin Langenfeld and Robert “Bob” Smith
2013 – Peter Schmidt and Daniel A. O’Brien
2014 – Logan Schlip
2015 – Justin Grady and Caelan Parker
2017 – Ben Upchurch and Steve Rhodes
2018 – Eric Harrison and Ryan Nafziger