Upcoming Events

Fall Fellowship

The Fall Fellowship this year is from October 20-22, 2017. The theme for this fellowship is the Fall Spooktacular. On Saturday, we will have a murder mystery, bobbing for apples, a huanted walk, pumpkin pong, and a spray paint demonstration by James Grable. The price for this event is $20, and we hope to see as many Lodge members there as possible, see you there!

Scoutmaster Dinner

On November 11, 2017, The Scoutmaster Dinner will take place at 5:00 at Rochester Christian Church. From 5-6, the trading post will be open, the museum will also be open at this time as well as registration for the event along with registration for when you would like to carry out unit elections for your troop. During the event, we will talk about upcoming events within the Lodge, who our officers are this term, a basic rundown of how unit elections are carried out, and further updates on the 2018 Summer Camp Season. The event is free for Scoutmasters, Senior Patrol Leaders, and OA Representatives, and $10 for anyone else who would like to come. This event is crucial for communication between the Lodge, and the Troops. It would be absolutely amazing if we could have all troops represented at this event!

This is our current calendar for the 2017  year. It is currently only available in the Google Calendar format. You can register online for events here. If you have any questions, please contact the Webmaster at webmaster@illineklodge.org