Illinek Lodge holds/attends a very diverse set of events every year. Some that you may see throughout the year include Fellowships, National Events, and Section Conclave. All of these events are filled with excitement and time to bond with other Arrowmen. Stay involved to learn more about all of these different events and attend them. There is a list below describing these events into a little bit more detail.


Illinek Lodge holds three separate Fellowships throughout the year; the Spring Fellowship, the August Fellowship, and the Fall Fellowship. There are two halves to each Fellowship. The first half is the Ordeal. Each Fellowship is when Candidates for the Order undertake their Ordeal and become a member. Current members of the Lodge are a part of the staff and help hold the Fellowship and make it successful.

The second half of the Fellowship is the true fellowship time. This time is usually Saturday night into Sunday morning. This time is when the Staff and the new Members bond and show them that the OA isn’t just about service. At most Ordeals, this time includes games, music, and camaraderie.

National Events

The National Leadership of Order of the Arrow puts on many events that are always a great experience. Some events include; National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC), NLS, and Arrow Tour.

NOAC is an every two-year event that is very similar to Section Conclave but on a national scale. There are pieces of training in the morning and the afternoon is filled with fun until the evening show, which always takes your breath away. The trainings range from regalia making, to how to rule the world 101.

NLS stands for National Leadership Seminar. It is for any youth or adult who would like to attend. This experience is to help Arrowmen grow as leaders, as well as meet new people and find new ideas for our own Lodge to use.

Nationals also holds other events that may only happen once. Prism is one such example. 2016 is most likely the only time it will ever happen as it was centralized around working on the National Ceremony ring.

Section Conclave

Section Conclave is a gathering of all the Lodges in our Section. It is usually a weekend long and consists of a morning of training and then the afternoon and evening all about having fun. Traditions at Section Conclaves include Lodgeball, Ceremony Competitions, and a “Hodag”. The Hodag is similar to a party. There is music, food, and games. The Hodag is when the Lodgeball tournament is held. This event is held once a year, in Fall.