JULY 21-22

The Vigil Honor is one of the most prestigious honors in the Order of the Arrow. It is only given to those few Arrowmen who truly personify the Orders ideals of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service. The Vigil Reunion is not just an induction of this great honor, but an event where all Vigil Honor members reunite for something truly special. An opportunity to see their Brothers overcome the tests of hypocrisy and emerge as a true leader in our Order. This reunion includes great food, old memories, and a life long tradition. A tradition that will continue to define why the Order of the Arrow truly serves as Scouting's National Honor Society, and will continue to do so for years to come. You must be a Vigil Honor member to attend this event. If you would like to nominate an Arrowman for this high honor, please fill out the Vigil Nomination form and send it to vigil@illineklodge.org